Skills are transferable, experience matters and all kinds of people have the opportunity of taking up a career in local authority building control. From school leavers to career break returners, from joiners to surveyors in the private sectors. Which one are you?

School leavers

Just starting to think about your future or vaguely interested in a construction-related career? Perhaps you've come across building control through a relative or have come across the job by meeting a surveyor when work was done to your house? 

However you found us, welcome.

We think you'll be interested in this article:

From bottom to the top - your career in building control and in this article on Qualifications.

School leavers



Already studying for a construction qualification, or in surveying or construction management?

Find out if your skills match up to those needed in building control

Male student


Contract surveyor, former Approved Inspector or just moving on in building control?

This is the place to get an up-do-date list of all vacancies across England and Wales.

View our current building control vacancies.

Building control surveyor


Career switcher

Coming off the tools or in a related surveying or construction position? You may well have the transferable skills needed to switch to a career in building control - for example customer service, organisational or problem-solving among many others.

If you have some appreciation of building control and would like to explore the benefits available to you in working for a local authority building control team, have a look through our current vacancies - you may be surprised at how well you'll fit the job, even if the description doesn't immediately suggest that you would. It's always worth trying!

View our current vacancies or read It's never too late to change career for some inspiration!

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Returning to work

Coming back after a career break or maternity/paternity leave?

Have you been away for a while, or just wanting to find a position in a different area of the country?

Read Career break returner: Jane Hubbard's story or view our current building control vacancies. 

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