You'll need to be computer literate...

Michelle from North Kesteven Council
Michelle from North Kesteven


Good at time management...

Building Control Surveyor on bike
Speeding to his next appointment


You'll have attention to detail...

Sam from Pembrokeshire Council Building Control
Sam from Pembrokeshire


You'll be happy working alone...

Rachel Casey - building control
Rachel Casey of Lincoln well as part of a team...

Building control team
Local authority building control team


You'll be technically minded...

Danny Emerton plan checking
Danny from East Riding


...and you'll like talking to people

Building control team from West Lindsey talking to schoolchildren
The team at West Lindsey


You'll be a problem solver...

Building Control Surveyors on site
Building Control team on site


...and you'll love being involved in public service

Dangerous structure dealt with by Aylesbury Vale
Dangerous structure dealt with by Aylesbury Vale District Council


You'll be a great negotiator and communicator...

From the LABC website
From the LABC website