You came back after taking a career break to bring up your daughter Harriett. How old is she now and how long were you away?

Harriett is five now and started school last September. I was away from work for the whole five years, but by then I was ready to get back into work. You can only watch so much Teletubbies and Peppa Pig!

Jane Hubbard with child


What made you decide to return to Building Control after your career break?

It was pure chance really. I was looking on the council’s website and saw the advert – I just thought this was meant to be! I really wanted to get back into working within a team environment and also have the support network – which we have with LABC

How difficult did you find readjusting to working in building control afterwards?

To be honest I was shattered to start off with! I was very nervous because I had been out of building control for such a long time and just doubted myself. But after a couple of weeks, it seemed like I’ve never been away, it’s brilliant!

Luckily my manager and work colleagues, especially the admin support team, have been great, really supportive and helpful.

Has much changed in the time you’ve been away? Did you need any training to refamiliarise yourself with the job?

There have been some regulation changes and certainly some new products on the market.

I’ve managed to get on a few of the LABC training courses on drainage and groundworks which have been a big help.

I know there's a lot of information in my head, it’s just getting everything back in focus!

Did you come back in the same position or did that change?

I actually came back to a better position. I left my previous authority as an experienced Assistant and came back as a BCO, which has been brilliant.

What was the most challenging thing about coming back to work?

Nerves really.

Especially because I was coming back as a BCO. I kept thinking "I can’t do this", putting doubt in my mind. Thinking,"Am I going to know what I’m doing? But after about three weeks everything just clicked and I’m loving it!”

How have your colleagues helped you settle back into work?

Everyone has been so supportive, making me feel really welcome and supporting me

What do you like most about your job?

I love the variety, problem solving, chatting and meeting people.

To be honest, I love all of it, being out and about looking at different projects and dealing with people from all backgrounds.

Where are you heading in Building Control?

At the minute I’m enjoying doing what am I now, getting back into things. I do want to get professionally qualified so will look to finish off my studies and broaden my learning.

I really want to focus on getting to know the area and the builders.

Do you have a good work life balance?

Absolutely. I initially thought I wanted part-time job - but working here full-time is brilliant, since we are able to work agilely, and with the flexi system and annual leave, I really feel like I’ve got the balance just right.

Jane Hubbard with husband and child